Slow Hand Farm is a one man operation run by me, Josh Volk.

I help small farms and market gardeners in a variety of ways and I keep my hand in production by working with a good friend who runs a small CSA here in Portland, Oregon.

I have been particularly inspired by the international Slow Food Movement since first hearing about it 20 years ago, and for even longer I’ve had a special interest in working with hand tools. The two fit well together, and while I don’t always work exclusively with hand tools, or with food, the Slow principles of “good, clean and fair” are always at the core of what I do.

Check out the links above for more about what I do – consulting, crop production, teaching, and writing. Check out the social media links below for more little snippets and photos. Check out my other sites for even more.

joshvolk.com houses helpful articles, photo galleries and links.

farmhandcarts.com is specifically about the hand carts I’ve been building and refining for the last decade.

compactfarms.com is the website for my new book! It profiles Slow Hand Farm as well as 14 other farms around North America and talks about what makes them work.

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PS – This website, along with a few of my others, was taken down by hackers in the summer of 2018 and I’m slowly rebuilding it. If you find spots that still need work let me know and please be patient. Thanks.